Personal and professional code of ethics

I will live a life of integrity and honor by adhering to the following to the best of my ability:

1. Ethical principles. I will adhere to the following ethical values in my personal and professional life:

  • Respect. I will respect myself and others at all times. I respect the dignity of human life and will never take an action that would endanger the life of another. I will respect the beliefs and  opinions of others, as well as their property. I will not access others’ property, whether physical or digital, without their permission. I will also respect others by encouraging them to behave in an ethical manner.
  • Chastity. I will live a chaste and virtuous life at all times. I will not take part in lewd conversation or jokes, nor access pornographic or obscene materials.
  • Integrity. I will be honest with my fellow man at all times. My word of honor is of great value, and I will fulfill all promises I give. I will tell the truth in all circumstances. I will not participate in deceit, bribery, or plagiarism of words or ideas.
  • Knowledge. I will strive daily to learn new ideas and information to improve myself, my profession, and all people I interact with. I will better myself as a person and as an employee.
  • Openness. I will be open to positive feedback and criticism and use it for my good. I will also be open to new ideas from other people and cultures.
  • Hard work. I will always strive to do work of the best quality. I will not waste time on the Internet or other places while I am expected to be working.
  • Health and Cleanliness. I will promote the health and cleanliness of myself and others, both physically and mentally. I will not use unclean language or gestures.

2. Family. I will protect my family at all times. I will not deliberately perform any action that would cause harm or dishonor to come upon my family.

3. Other individuals and humankind as a whole. I will not discriminate against any person because of their religion, race, gender, age, or intelligence. I will treat all people with respect, fairness, and dignity. I also commit to protect any information given to me in confidence by any person. I will constantly try to improve humankind and the environment through actions of service and citizenship, as well as through my profession.

4. Profession, country, and other organizations to which I belong. I will do my best to fulfill all obligations required of me. I will obey the laws and ordinances of the country, state, and city in which I reside. I will adhere to codes of conduct set forth by employers and organizations in which I participate.