Note: The following quotes come from interactions through email and LinkedIn. They are not intended to replace formal letters of recommendation.


“One of the best students I’ve ever had on multiple levels. [He] absolutely belong[s] at an elite school.”

Paul Benjamin Lowry, Former director of the Information Systems Ph.D. Preparation Program, Brigham Young University


“I’ve worked with Jordan on two research projects and found him to be very competent, diligent, and motivated. He has always been well-organized and quick to respond to tasks. At this stage in his career, he is definitely ahead of the curve in his ability to carry out research programs, make logical theoretical arguments, and craft well-written research papers.

“Based on my experiences with him, I have no doubt he would be successful in any research-intensive information systems department.”

Mark Keith, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, University of Alabama


“I had the pleasure of working with Jordan on several academic research projects. Jordan was able to deliver quality results while dealing with other pressures of finding a job and excelling in his schoolwork. Jordan is meticulous in his writing, editing, and reviewing of others’ work, and is an asset to any group of collaborators on an academic project.”

Dave Wilson, MIS Doctoral Student, University of Arizona


“Jordan is an amazing researcher. He absorbs information like a sponge. He works hard. I would want him on my team any day.”

Justin Giboney, MIS Doctoral Student, University of Arizona


“I know for certain that Jordan will be able to handle the intense amount of work a PhD requires. Jordan works very efficiently and has developed a set of specific rules he must follow in order to juggle the demands of a full-time job, outside research, multiple learning opportunities, and a growing family. He is dedicated to performing well on every project and works hard to make deadlines. He gets up at 5:30 a.m. so he has enough time to work for a couple hours before leaving for his job and spends his evenings researching with a 5 month old baby wiggling on his lap. He is determined and capable.

“I know that the PhD program he attends will be impressed and ecstatic with his contributions and will thank their lucky stars by the time he graduates. He is an astounding academic.”

Kayleen Barlow, the one who knows me best.