My current research interests include two areas: (1) collaboration (i.e., collective intelligence, distributed group work, CMC), and (2) IS security. I have published journal articles and presented at workshops and conferences in both of these research areas. I also enjoy researching scientometric issues, which allows me to be versed in issues about IS research.

During my pre-PhD and doctoral studies I have also done research in other areas as I explored topics, worked with different professors/students, and learned what my true research interests are. As a result, I also have published articles and working papers in other areas, including agile software development, individual adaptation to technology implementation, and the effects of differing business processes.

My research is primarily behavioral and quantitative in nature. However, I have published research employing many different methodologies, including experiments, surveys, practitioner-oriented literature reviews, discourse analysis, and analysis of secondary data.

For a full list of my journal publications, conference presentations, working papers, citations of my work, etc., please see my most recent CV, linked above in the header.

Journals where my research has been published

  • MIS Quarterly
  • Group Decision & Negotiation
  • Computers & Security
  • Communications of the AIS

Conferences and workshops where I have presented my work

Co-authors of published work and working papers

I’ve worked with a wide diversity of collaborators on my research. My collaborators come from many universities around the world and are at various stages in their careers.

  • Alan R. Dennis, Professor, Indiana University
  • Dennis F. Galletta, Professor, University of Pittsburgh
  • Paul Benjamin Lowry, Professor, City University of Hong Kong
  • Merrill Warkentin, Professor, Mississippi State University
  • Amit Deokar, Associate Professor, Dakota State University
  • Hillol Bala, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
  • Valerie Bartelt, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M-Kingsville
  • James Gaskin, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
  • Sean Humphreys, Assistant Professor, West Texas A&M
  • Mark Keith, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
  • Greg Moody, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • Anthony Vance, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
  • Jingjing Zhang, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
  • Akshay Bhagwatwar, PhD student, Indiana University
  • Justin Giboney, PhD student, University of Arizona
  • Dustin Ormond, PhD student, Mississippi State University
  • Ryan Schuetzler, PhD student, University of Arizona
  • Jeff Wall, PhD student, UNC-Greensboro
  • Dave Wilson, PhD student, University of Arizona
  • Lingyao (Ivy) Yuan, PhD student, Indiana University